Hey people

so in the spirit of community I’m sharing 6 bloggers who’s BLOGMAS I am totally hooked to!
1. This Is Ess #Essmas

If you dont know already know by now, I am a HUGE fan of this si ess. I have folowed her platform and lived for her content as long as I can remember. Im happy shes doing another #Essmass series and I am totally looking forward to more content. You can check out her chanel here

2. The Green Calabash

I love this adorable family so much! Ever since I found them I can not stop watching ( Lamu is my absolute fave!) and I love how real they are. They always entertain. Check out their channel here!

3.Stephanie Rondez

She is fun. And she’s quirky. I really love that shes a Christian entrepreneur and her content is so inspiring and refreshin. You can see her vlogmas on here!

4. Alisha Marie Vlogs

I am always having so much fun watching this chael! And Alisha is so pretty! You can check out her channel here.

5. Kate Kendy Vlogs

Its #Katemas and I’m so excited to get her videos!  Shes super fun to watch! And here content is so relatable! Check it out here

Who are you following this vlogmas? Would love to see some of your ideas.

Love Always




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