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Happy Holidays!  I am so excited that school is soon about to close and I can go home and bond with my cats. Yes in all honesty, I need this break.
The one thing I am excited that I get to binge watch Christmas movies. I love them so much. So I figured I’d share a list of some movies I’ve watched and can’t wait to rewatch
Sharing a list of some of my fave Chritmas movies  that I can’t wait to get my hands on and binge on.

Home Alone

 Is it honestly  even Christmas   if you haven’t binged on every home alone movie honestly? I  love these movies and I can’t wait to dive in unapologetically. I’ll be going in on all three!

The Christmas Chronicles.

I watched this movie last year and I loved it. A set of siblings crash Santa’s sleigh and spend Christmas Eve helping Santa make his gift deliveries. It was super fun to watch.

Holiday Rush

A widowed radio DJ and his spoiled four kid must tighten their reigns and change things up as their luxiour lifestyle turns lean before the festive season. It stars one of my faves, Romany Malco.

Family Reunion
This movie starring Tia Mowrey and Loretta Devine was a hit for me. A family struggles to keep their singing act together as they prepare for the holidays and learn some important lessons along the way

The princess switch
A baker and soon to be princess discover they look alike and hatch a Christmastime plan to trade places. In this mix up they discover all about life and love. It was a beautiful and fun movie with one of my faves Vanessa Hudgens.

A Christmas Prince.

An undercover journalist masquerades as a tutor to infiltrate the royal family and find out some of their secrets. But she falls in love with the prince and compromises her work. This is a three part movie so be sure once you start, you may not be able to stop!

What are some of your favorite holiday movies? Would love to check them out! Just drop me a comment below.
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