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So this year I promised to be more intentional about health. I started working out this year and running a bit, but I’m also focused on getting my skincare routine down.

I passed by a chemist for a quick pick for a few skincare essentials I would start with this year.

Because I had no clue where to start, I picked the basics. The goal is to keep adding stuff, as I go.

Skincare is one important and essential part of lifestyle care and both genders should strive as much as possible to take care of their skins.

Step One- Charcoal Mask

My first step is to mask my face with this amazing mask I am trying out from Beauty Essentials. I love the way it leaves my face feeling. Make helps your skin feel fresh and clear, as well as removing impurities trapped inside the skin. Mud masks cleanse and tighten the skin.

Step Two- Wash

  I started using clean and clear products on high school and they have been a go to for me. They work with my skin, and I rarely every react to their products. Because of all the dirt and dust my face is exposed to, I was my face twice a day: in the morning as well as in the evening.
Washing your face has a number of benefits towards healthy living. It helps stop build up of dirt and chemicals. Washing with the right face was for your skin can also help prevent breakouts.

Step Three -Tone

I was one of those people who was perfectly okay going days without toning my face. Now a day without it is like torture. Toning has grown to be one of the most important parts of my skincare routine. Since I started toning, my skin has become less oily. Toning also helps in balancing the PH levels inside the skin.

Step Four- Moisturize

Because baby steps, and simplicity, I simply use vaseline to moisturise mt face at the end of the cleaning process. It doesn’t react and my favourite one is the cocao butter one.

Bonus- I also bought this amazing soap from Ivees Organics. It’s an activated charcoal soap. It’s supposed to for the body but I use it only on my face. It is an amazing soap. It foams just enough and actually opens up my pores and leaves my face looking brighter. I love that its an organic brand too, meaning that they use natures finest products! I can’t wait to get more of the amazing products they have!

What does your skincare haul and routine look like? What do you use, and what would you recommend?
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