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Mugg and Bean Catch Up

Hey loves,

so do you ever take a random trip that ends up being total blog inspiration, and reminds you of all the reasons you love to create?

I got to try the Mugg and Bean Cafe and Sarit Center which, I will tell you, was genuinely quite something.

Ambience: 8
It had a chilled vibe making it the type of place you can come work over coffee!
Coffee: If you know me, you know I’m on the hunt for a yummy coffee and my all time favorite is the Vanilla Latte.
I tried out the Caribbean Caffee Mocha and guys, it was amazing. I’m a huge coconut fan (bounty, coconut cake) so this was a win for me.

Food: 9/10
I had the spare ribs with a salad which was good. How pleasantly surprised was I to find it had cheese! The ribs were amazing too!
Service: This is something people rarely talk about, but customer service can make or break an experience. The service was great.

It is definitely a place I would recommend you try!

In other news, this has been one amazing month, I got to give a motivational talk at Moi Girls Eldoret to their Highlands Orchestra.Its powerful to see the next generation of women musicians going ahead and pioneering and dominating in music! Also, yes girl musicians!

and, I was featured on the Renzulaa platform speaking about what the International Women’s Day theme Each For Equal meant to me. Check it out here

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Keep staying faithful, keeping looking beyond the mess and staying strong.

Love Always,




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