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Happy new month
In regard to all the aviation questions I’ve got, I’ll be sharing the entry requirements for those who want to pursue a career in aviation.

For some background, I’m currently pursuing my private pilot license at Kenya School of Flying.
The thought of being a pilot can be thrilling and exciting! Every time I go to the airport, any airport, I get chills! It excites me looking at the beautiful beasts we call aeroplanes.
This post will act as a guide to anyone interested in entering the industry on what the entry requirements are and what you should expect.
  •  Do Your Research

Before deciding to pursue a career in aviation, it is wise for you to do your research on the career and training. Important things to search for would be flying schools and their fleets and reputation, comparison of fees structures and services offered by each school.
Once you have enough information, you can proceed to apply for flying school. 

     Entry requirements 

You must be at least 16 years and above to pursue your first aviation lisence.
The minimum entry for the civil aviation courses is a C+ in KSCE.
Students must have attained a C+ in Mathematics, English Physics and Geography or have an IGCSE/GCE equivalent.
   3.The Medical Test

You will be required to get a SECOND CLASS MEDICAL CERTIFICATE to begin your aviation career. This certificate These certifications are issued by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority approved medical examiners. The examiners are generally the military and civil medical professionals who check a person’s mental and physical fitness.

   4.Entry Tests

Once you have all your documents, you will do psychometric tests by the schools, as well as a series of flying assessments to determine your fitness and aircraft technique.

You will then apply for (and hopefully get) your SPL- Which is a Student Pilot License that allows you to train for the next stage in your aviation career.

Wishing you good luck on this amazing journey!

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