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So if you’re reading this post and you’re a young person, you’re probably looking around at the world and wondering what you can do! How you can help? What you can do to make a difference?
There’s lots of ways young people can help make the world a better place! We’re the caretakers of the next generation and we’re called to rise and take action to see the world we want.

Sharing five  ways you can help and make the world a more amazing place! 

•Volunteer at an organization 

One way to give back is through your skills! If you volunteer 3 hours a week you’ve made a significant impact on someone’s life. Most organizations only get enough to cover overhead costs, so volunteers take things from dream to reality. You can volunteer at Kaleidoscope Kenya 

•Plant more trees

You NEED to plant more trees. The world doesn’t have enough trees and it’s tragic to say. And with all the fires we have a responsibility. Get your friends together and make an activity of tree planting! 

If you’re not oblivious to what’s outside, the world is changing and there’s no nice way to say this, but it really is ALL OUR FAULT. Luckily we have time to fix that. Cut off your plastic consumption and start looking at sustainable alternatives to help save the world.

•Use your platform

You would be surprised at the power of your voice! You can use your social media platforms to raise awareness on issues that matter to you like the environment or health issues. Your space can help educate other people 

Many organizations run on your goodwill! So donating any amount to a cause you support can make a huge difference in the organization. Create challenges and get creative with your friends or institutions to fundraise for causes.

What other ways do you think we can change the world.
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Kimberley Champagne

Hey, I’m Champagne. I’m a professional performing violinist, book lover and cat mama. I’m totally sold out for Jesus. Founder of Women With Grace and Kaleidoscope Kenya. African Literature connoisseur. ❤️