Champagne Violin
Hey guys So I’ve been feeling pretty festive and figured I would switch it up this holiday. Every so often I’ll be linking you guys to a Christmas Video! I’m so excited about sharing this project because shooting it was a bunch of fun. The first Christmas Carol is Joy to the world which has honestly been a personal favorite of mine. The link to the video is here and I can’t wait to share some more of this wonderful music. Sending you all the Christmas love! K


Photography: Alvin Connect.

Hey guys The end of another wonderful year is here and all I can say is I am SO THANKFUL for this year has gone. For this last taking stock post, I thought I’d switch it up a bit. I’ll simply share some of the things I’m grateful for this year, and I wanna hear your experiences too. Thankful for: Another wonderful year that I am alive. All the lessons I’ve learnt. All the violin shows I’ve been able to play. All the music, all the laughter and love. Thankful for all the lessons of 2018. Thankful for all the growth that has happened and that will continue to happen. And thankful to God for continuing to be so faithful and good. Drinking:A steaming cup of hot coffee Eating:  Nothing. Thinking about lunch plans though Making: Lunch plans
Wasting: No time looking for the bet place to buy a planner for 2019.
Last Album I listened to: Let There Be Light- Hillsong Worship Reading: Dambisa Moyo-Edge Of Chaos. So far so good. She’s radical and I love her for it. Wanting: To get a puppy. I know i said i was a cat lady, but I’ve been looking a t dog pictures and well, I am a convert. Last thing I watched: The Avengers Last song I listened to: Senpai by Nabalayo. You can listen to it here Craving: Coconut cake. Especially the coconut cake from Jazzlan Gluten Free Patisserie. You can check them out for all your gluten-free and keto diet needs, here. Learning: To take it one step at a time. And to forgive myself for mistake made in the past. Not to dwell too much on it either since there’s not much I can do. Invest more in my future. Where I’d rather be: Right now, with my cup of coffee and cat dead asleep beside me, there’s no place I’d rather be Thankful: for all the exciting things coming ahead! Ah you guys, I can’t wait to share! This month will be full of wonderful surprises! Now watching: Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Yes I do plan on watching all of them! Cant wait for us to go on another exciting journey that is 2019. If youre reading this and havent subscribed, Hi, and welcome. Please do subscribe. Sending you all the best wishes for 2019. Xs and Os K

Hey loves So this year I’m sharing a few cool gifts you can get your special person this holiday

1. A personalized mini Thermos.

I got one from Pilli Kenya and I haven’t regretted it. Getting your special person one of these not only helps them keep their liquids hot, but is friendly for the environment too!

2. Branded Socks.

I know this sounds strange but you can never have enough socks. Branded socks with a funny quote at the bottom are always a good gift

3. A Throw Pillow.

Get them their favorite quote on a throw pillows. Available from Pilli Kenya who’s bio I’ve linked here

4. A 2019 Planner.

This is perfect for the organization junkie in your life. Getting them a planner will definitely be the best gift

5. A Nutribullet.

This is perfect for the health addict in your life. Nutribullets are like blenders. But way cooler

6. A really good book.

you can never go wrong with a good book! Pick them up a bestseller or a book they’ve been dying to read. They’ll appreciate it.

7. A personalized Notebook.

This is for the writer in your life. Make them feel special by sending them a personalized notebook. And you can get it with any quotes or pictures you’d like. How amazing Hope this list helps with your Christmas shopping! Also please let me know what gifts you’d like this festive season too! Xs and Os K

In My Library
Hey guys I get a lot of questions on where I buy my books from. I don’t have a standard place I buy my books. I shop from quite a few places. So I’ll be sharing a few of the top places I buy books from in Nairobi. These are my go-to book dealers in the city and they deliver too!

1. Bookstop-Yaya Center

These guys are my one stop book shop. They are on 2nd floor of Yaya Center

2. Text Book Center

Old but gold. I get a few of my bestsellers from here. And they ship to Meru so win for me. You can order from here

3. Ides Of March Kenya.

Love these guys and I really love their packaging. They deliver too! Check them out here

4. Prestige Bookshop Nairobi

I stumbled across this bookstore and I never looked back. Prestige have an amazing collection. Place your orders here

5. Magunga Bookstore

My one stop shop for African Literature. Magunga satisfies my inner Africana lover Check them out here Where do you get your books from? Read some more Xs and Os K

Champagne Violin

Photography: Alvin Connect

Hey loves, I’m sharing a few of my October Reads and a teeny review of each. Of course lots of African literature but I’m really trying to take a break from fiction and work on some non fictional African Works. A Grain Of Wheat-Ngugi Wa Thiong’o Pages: 243 My love for Ngugi runs deep and this book was good for me. It captured the mood of the times leading to independence. Love the layers of the story and the way the characters play in this one. At the center of it all is Mugo Season of Crimson Blossoms-Abubakur Adam Ibrahim Pages: 290 Do you ever read what a book is about and know you’re going to love it instantly? That’s how I felt about this book. It captured the steamy affair between a widow Binta and well-known drug dealer Reza. Love the layers of emotion in this book. The Education Of a British Protected Child: Essays-Chinua Achebe Pages: 166 This was my first non fiction by Chinua Achebe and all I can say is wow. We get bits and pieces of Chinua life and his viewpoint ona variety of issues ranging from family to the questions of whether authors should write more works in their mother tounge. Lusaka Punk and other Stories-Caine Prize. Pages: 268 Another Caine Prize book. I’ve gone ham this year on the Caine Prize books. I really enjoy them because I always discover new authors. A few of my faves are back, and it was nice to see two authors from home. Sending you love and light. XO K