You need to stop mixing Hennessy and coke. This is why!

Hello wonderful people,

I recently had a chance to attend an exclusive tasting at at the MH office in Nairobi and we got taste and celebrate 150 years of Hennessy XO. Now I have to confess, I am those people who walked in saying how much I do not even like Hennessey, but I left thinking a bottle for hosting would not be too bad after all. That good.

Mr. Richard Hennessy was an Irish solider (surprise) who went to Cognac and fell in love with the drink. He was so inspired and moved,  so created his own cognac. In 1765, the Irish Jacobite military officer and a local of Cognac came  together they made the magic that is the smooth rich cognac.  Hennessy X.O quickly contributed to defining an entire family of cognacs, setting a standard for excellence that lives on to this day, across cognacs. Hennessy XO Odyssey is one of the items in this unique collection.
They make roughly 50 million bottles annually and KENYA is its Third Largest Market in Africa 

What defines the rich cognac flavor and what makes it  so, rich?

Grapes from the cognac region aged and distilled to perfection and because of this, the Hennessy XO bottle shape is inspired by a bunch of grapes.
A striking sensation of oak notes interlaced with vanilla. Add a strong spicy note, some sweet edge and you have this master blend.
Seven chapters are divided into sweet notes, rising heat, spicy edge, flowing flames, chocolate lull and wood crunches, are enhanced by the fact  that the age this classic drink in new barrels that redefines the brands solid foundation.

This magical drink is best paired with a dark chocolate that does not overwhelm your taste buds but allows for a full balance of flavor

So for 150 years

Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, 8th generation Master Blender
for the Maison Hennessy

You don’t need to drink more, you just need to drink better.

So indulge in this age old classic. And remember, something big is coming..

Sending you all the love.



Hello my loves,

and welcome to the final lap of 2020. This year was nothing like we could have expected or hoped, and yet here we are, making it through a day at a time. Keep on going! You made it this far.

Ive always loved a good hat, but they’ve never sat well on me. Never found THE HAT if you know what I mean. But I did fall in love with something SO MUCH BETTER. 

I fell in love with fascinators.

Fascinator Hats give every outfit a bit of drama and mystery. They are one of the most timeless fashion pieces and you can keep it simple with them, or go ALL OUT.

The black and white effect gave this whole shoot a vintage feel. Which I was trying to go for anyway so it was a win.

Here are the series details 

Fascinator- Felicity’s Kenya
Dress- Felicity’s Kenya
Photography- Alvin Connect

Sending you all the love! ❤️

Kimie! ❤️



Okay, I’ll admit, I’m guilty. I am one of those people who said and beloved this pandemic would last for a month. And here is August presenting a new normal.
I’ve found myself swaying from days where I’m fully productive and on go mode, to days I genuinely do not want to leave the house, or even move from bed.
But that’s balance right.
There is power in stillness.
This work culture had seeped my mind and I was obsessed with “grinding” even if my grinding showed no results. 
How humbling it has been for me to sit and be at one with my thoughts.
I’ve had to evaluate reevaluate my life. I’ve had to cut things off I thought I would do forever. And mostly, I’ve had no where else to hide from myself. I have so much work to do on me. 
Quarantine has taught me that yoga is probably more helpful than I could have imagined. And the power of sneaking a workout in everyday. Thanks to Kylie Achieng i now have FitBit that gave me 90 days trial of their premium program. Soon I may start using the Nike Running App.
Rebranding has meant being ready to let go of so many things and evolve into a new space. Does it mean I won’t miss it, miss the things I used to do. Of course not, they formed me. But I have to let the past go and focus on building my future.
The faithfulness of God. It occurred to me how lucky so many of us have been. Roofs over our heads, food in our bellies, shoes on our bodies. Those with jobs and something to survive on. Despite everything I have seen God continue to stay faithful.
So in stillness, I have found myself. Rediscovered who I am, facing the parts of me I don’t like, and forcing me to work on them.
In stillness I have found answers and purpose.
I’m stillness I’ve heard more of God. Felt Him more, his correction, his discipline, his love, his never ending grace.
Perhaps God really wanted us to take a moment and just be still, and revaluate who we are and what we hope to achieve. What we need to correct and improve.
Be still.
Embrace the stillness