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Hey love, Writing to you from another slice of paradise. Samburu. It has to be one if the most beautiful places I’ve seen as well as having a large number of my favorite animals, Elephants. Staying at the beautiful Samburu Game Lodge Kenya which is a dreamy and underrated hotel. Loved the cost set up of the place. Have a really lovely room, facing the river. Got lucky and saw some elephants across my room! And spotted a few crocodiles in the water. They are kings of camouflage.
View from our room.
Genuinely, I have just spent most of my time by the pool. This trip was just to unwind and take the edge off. We get so busy running our lives and being awesome we often forget to take time off and unplug. Love that the hotel had a wonderful bar facing the river. Amazing to sit have your drink and watch the day go by. To find out more on the rates for this hotel you can click here. Also had  the chance to go for a game drive and guys, Samburu is beautiful. What caught me was that there were so many ELEPHANTS. Heard after heard, my heart was full. Samburu is a wonderful and beautiful place you should definately take time to explore. Travel This Month xs and os K PS-Be sure to subscribe to get the latest updates first! Love and light! ❤️

Hey guys! So I’ll admit it, I spend a bunch of time daydreaming of going on safari. Literally a whole lot of time. And the most amazing thing is, Kenya has some wonderful gems a lot of people don’t know about. This travel post, I’ll be sharing my top 10 wanderlust spots in Kenya. Compiling this list was difficult. Every time I thought I was settled I found something else that ended up blowing my mind a bit more. In short, Kenya has some truly wonderful places and these guys made it to my top 10

1 Campi Ya Kanzi.

This five star camp set in the Chyulu is totally dreamy! To see more on this click here!

2. Sirikioi Lodge.

Family run eco lodge set in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, it’s literally one of the most breathtaking jewels we have.

2. The Moon Houses, Lamu.

Perfect for anyone looking for an exclusive place in Lamu. The Moon Houses is made up of around 7 separate homes all available for rental purposes. I fell in love with them when I saw them on IG

3. Segera Retreat.

One of the few jewels in the country, Segera sets the bar waay high and you will see for yourself!

4. Kilima Camp Maasai Mara.

Maasai Mara is the worlds best national park! And Kilima camp is one of the jewels we have in it.

5. Cottars 1920 Camp.

I’m a sucker for vintage things so I fell in love with this camp. I found it off Instagram and I’ve been in love since.

6. Ollaro Lodge.

Hermès retreat has a gem in Kenya. It’s one of the most beautiful camps I have seen.

7. Ololo Lodge.

Ololo’ is an Australian family owned safari lodge, which combines the atmosphere and style of bush living while offering all the convenience. Set on twenty acres with beautiful established old gardens, Ololo is picturesquely positioned on the banks of the Mbagathi River on the southern border of the Nairobi National Park.

8. Enasoit.

Enasoit is a lesser known small private ranch just to the North of Nanyuki, set in the Loldaiga Hills. It is absolutely teeming with game and the private and intimate nature of this camp cannot fail to win your heart. 

9. Sabuk Lodge.

Sabuk Lodge & Fly Camp is a Remote Luxury Lodge in Laikipia overlooking the Ewaso Nyiro River. Laikipia Plateau stretches from the foothills of the Aberdares, across vast open plains to the Northern Frontier District and the Mathews Range in Kenya.

10. Giraffe Manor.

Breakfast with Giraffes? Yes please! These gentle creatures are regulars at meals at this cost place. And yes it’s where Ellen stayed when she came to NBO.
Stay Curious Xx K

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Loves, Hi! I pray you’ve been holding up well. So far so good yes? Sharing another magical space I discovered. Or rather I had known about, and always wanted to go to. Things didn’t seem to work out, but they did and I visited the beautiful Ngare Ndare forest. I could not even believe this place was real the first time I saw it on Instagram. It was stunning and I kept saying I HAD to go there. I did. The main attractions at the forest are the canopy walk and the waterfalls. If you’re scared of heights, this might not be your ideal activity. The walk is 450m and is 30ft high. See why I said heights? At the end of the walk is a beautiful viewing point where you look into the forest. It’s a protected area since it’s home to a lot of indigenous trees and is also part of the elephant corridor. After an interesting walk, we hiked to the waterfall. I ended up falling into the water ( okay, like my leg slipped and fell in , but same thing) so I hiked barefoot. Talk about an experience with nature 😂 my mum was freaking out but I LOVED IT. Feeling the water between my toes and the grass and rocks gently prick the bottom of my feet. I think I belong outdoors (okay, I’ve pushed a bit😂) but it was wonderful. And when we got there, oh was so WORTH FALLING INTO THE WATER FOR! And so worth the hike, and absolutely worth the wait. It. Was. Magical. Ndare Ngare Forest is absolutely magic. My dreams came true! If you can, plan a trip and visit it. You will 0 regrets I swear. And carry your swimsuit. I sure wish I swam! Travel More this year. Again. Love ❤️ K