Champagne Travels

Hey loves,

so do you ever take a random trip that ends up being total blog inspiration, and reminds you of all the reasons you love to create?

I got to try the Mugg and Bean Cafe and Sarit Center which, I will tell you, was genuinely quite something.

Ambience: 8
It had a chilled vibe making it the type of place you can come work over coffee!
Coffee: If you know me, you know I’m on the hunt for a yummy coffee and my all time favorite is the Vanilla Latte.
I tried out the Caribbean Caffee Mocha and guys, it was amazing. I’m a huge coconut fan (bounty, coconut cake) so this was a win for me.

Food: 9/10
I had the spare ribs with a salad which was good. How pleasantly surprised was I to find it had cheese! The ribs were amazing too!
Service: This is something people rarely talk about, but customer service can make or break an experience. The service was great.

It is definitely a place I would recommend you try!

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