Hello my loves,

and welcome to the final lap of 2020. This year was nothing like we could have expected or hoped, and yet here we are, making it through a day at a time. Keep on going! You made it this far.

Ive always loved a good hat, but they’ve never sat well on me. Never found THE HAT if you know what I mean. But I did fall in love with something SO MUCH BETTER. 

I fell in love with fascinators.

Fascinator Hats give every outfit a bit of drama and mystery. They are one of the most timeless fashion pieces and you can keep it simple with them, or go ALL OUT.

The black and white effect gave this whole shoot a vintage feel. Which I was trying to go for anyway so it was a win.

Here are the series details 

Fascinator- Felicity’s Kenya
Dress- Felicity’s Kenya
Photography- Alvin Connect

Sending you all the love! ❤️

Kimie! ❤️