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 Wrap Up.


Hey wonderful people!

I have to apologize for being extremely lazy in this section of my blog especially! But now I must catch you up!

February is done. We thank God. Is it just me or is the year just running all of a sudden? And January felt like a whole year!😂 then suddenly the year just feels like it’s running! As in!?

Well, let’s just get right to it. There have been some new authors I have run into. And I have to say I am glad I found them. Toni Adeyemi tops the list for me! Also had a Kenyan author, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o whose work I have read before has mostly been fictional. So it was interesting to encounter something non fictional from him.


Children of the Blood and Bone-Toni Adeyemi.

Pages: 531

Genre: Fantasy, Fantasy Fiction.

I wanted to lead with this book, because it blew my mind. Honestly. And it’s one of those books I’m saying GO BUY! Order it online. Get your hands on it. It completely blew my mind.

It follows the magical world of Maji in the Kingdom of Orisha. Zelie is a maji who has been chosen for a daunting task, and has an unusual companion. This book gave me an urge to understand more about magic in african culture and explore the area of African Fantasy books. The play of characters in this book and the theme. It was a good read and one I would recommend. Get it.

Karen Blixen-Out Of Africa

Pages: 366

Genre: Memoir

I honestly thought this book was completely overrated. And I thought it was difficult to read. She describes her life through highlighting some significant events during her time here. I don’t see why a whole movie was made about it.
It for me was just another cliche book misrepresenting Africa. Written with some sort of snobbish standpoint ( which I have encountered most expat authors in precolonial africa wrote from). Other than that, I thought the book to be quite dull.

Decolonizing The Mind.-Ngugi Wa Thiong’o

Pages: 114

Genre: Non- fiction

In this controversial work, Ngugi explores the possibilities of us being neo-colonized through the adoption of foreigners language as a primary means of communication. He argues that to reverse this, we need to begin to reverse this by returning to native languages. The work was split into four essays and though I do understand his point of view, I don’t necessarily agree with it.

The Hundred Wells of Salaga- Ayesha Harruna Attah

Pages: 234

Genre: Fiction

This Cassava Republic is absolutely worth picking up. It had me sneaking in reads late in the night. It’s a convergence of two women’s worlds, Amimah and and Wurche. I really enjoyed the complexity of the characters and their contrast. Also set against the backdrop of slavery in West Africa. I thought it was worth picking up.

There will be a follow up of this with some more of the books I’ve read so far!

How is your reading life going this year?

Sending you love.