Hey people

so we live in a work crazed generation and a sucess obsessed culture. We all want to make it and be successful. That is allowed, until it does not become unhealthy.
In this culture, weve become obsessed with not resting.
Phrases like “grind while they sleep” and such have become common for our generation

So what happened to rest?

In all this work culture, we barely ever take a minute to rest. Everyone has made rest sound like dirty word. Relaxation is a sin. Were insanely obsessed with working hard and not taking time to recover. Unfortunately, this is not a healthy way to live

Today I am here to remind you of the value of rest.

Your body needs to refresh and re-energise– rest gives your body a chance to relax after a long day of working.

More productive– you are likely to be more productive after you have had a good nights rest. 

Rest is a commandment given to us by God
Wwe have to be able to rest so we can be energised to do the work God has called us to do.

So give each day its time and work and its time to rest.

Love Always,