Hey wonderful people


This has to be one of my first taking stock posts of the new year.  Please, let me explain.

Everything has been absolutely crazy. Its my final semester of university so everything is full speed ahead. I can’t believe I’m actually done. It has been such a journey. Honestly. I’m also working an internship, so that’s also going on. I am now a working student. In a few months I’ll come back and look at this post and be so grateful for the hours and the time I put into this.

In my post 2019, I set some pretty loud and outrageous goals. And every month, I have to be a more outrageous version of myself to get things done. Its taxing and on some days I feel like I am running on a treadmill that doesn’t stop.

I’ve also been super grateful that I got to do a violin performance on a show I could only dream of, and I continue to see the love of God in all elements of my life. As I write this, my soul is exhausted. I need a nap. But here I am, running the race that I have been called. Praying that this all goes amazing honestly. This is my season of transition.

Drinking: Water. And Del Monte Tropical juice. With this heat, I need all the hydration I can get.

Eating: Uh nothing yet.

Making: Plans for the future. And also making plans for what to have for lunch

Last Album I listened to: Tasha Cobbs-Heart.Passion.Pursuit.

Reading: Waiting For Wild Beasts To Vote-Ahmadou Kourouma.

Wanting: A closer deepest more intimate relationship with God. And to be more intentional in everything I do.

Last thing I watched: Morgan Tracy J vlogs. I really love her Chanel and the content she puts out.

Last song I listened to: Alive-Tasha Cobbs

Craving:  A salad honestly. I’ve missed salads.

Learning: That no matter how dark it gets, the darkness around me will never be brighter than the light within me.

Where I’d rather be:  On holiday. Like by a beach sipping something cold. Wheuh.

Thankful: For where I am right now.

Now watching: Al Jazeera


DRINKING: Hot water. It’s really cold. EATING: nothing yet. But I’m waiting for Nyama Choma MAKING: A Pinterest Board on home decor. Ive been a little obsessed. There’s the link to the board here. Wasting: Less time. Lol. The year can’t already be over though! Last Album I listened to:  Ramin Djawadi-Game Of Thrones Seaon 7 Reading: Kintu-Jennifer Nanasubaga Makumbi. It is amazing so far. Wanting :Game of Thrones to Start already. I miss it and I genuinely am just excited for the music Last thing I watched:  The Good Wife. Ive been on a binge lately. Kinda really enjoying watching it Last song I listened to: Hillsong Worship-Oceans Craving: Sushi. Learning: To trust Jesus more and worry less. To lean not on my own understanding,and too trust that God is right at the center of my storm and is in full control Where I would rather be: On vacation. I need a vactaion. Or feeding giraffes. Thankful for: A Holiday Excited about: This year. After so long it’s my final year of college. God is so faithful. Looking forward to: The final part of the year. And Christmas.Oh my gosh doesnt time fly so fast? Ugh where does time ever go though! Now watching: The Good Wife. Don’t know why it took me so long to watch this show! Sending you 💕 K